Antonio Fogazzaro


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You can visit the permanent exhibition of Antonio Fogazzaro at Villa Gualdo, Montegalda’s town hall. It was set up in 2011 in honor of the great writer Antonio Fogazzaro, on the centenary of his death, to pay homage to this illustrious Councilor who had so loved the town of Montegalda and the Vicenza region. In this exhibition you can find many autographed first editions, articles and pages from newspapers of the period, unique posters and photos of Fogazzaro and his family in their villa in Montegalda. You'll discover the author’s roots and his deeds, the important women in his life, his efforts to confront the social dramas of the period; his fragile rapport with the Church, and the beauty of the Vicenza landscape.

  1. Introduzione
  2. Le origini
  3. L’uomo, il poeta, il romanziere, il politico e la ricerca di fede
  4. L’impegno sociale e politico
  5. Le opere
  6. La famiglia, le muse, i maestri e gli amici
  7. Altri piccoli mondi
  8. Montegalda